Third Series (2012)

February 2012
10th of a Circle by Black Saturn

1 - Birthday
2 - Beat box of enlightenment
3 - The grinding of decision
4 - Why I’m here
5 - The moans of the earthbound
6 - Human machines
7 - Times extramarital affairs
8 - Sounds of intermission
9 - 10th of a Circle

Second Series (2010)

NB1: Podcast intro by FluiD (Sample from 'Disrupting The Ghost' - ALRN015)
NB2: Each episode of Alrealon Podcast Series 2 comes with the interview of its guest

Episode 11 (November 10)
Rope Walk by Peter Heselton


The work created for this podcast is an abridged selection from the forthcoming album Rope Walk
The tracks are:
1 - Limnal phase (excerpt)
2 - Fortune favours the favoured
3 - Before the fall
4 - No return
5 - Rope walker (excerpt)

The work ROPE WALK is an abstract narrative that links structures and western tropes to audibly picture a philosophical encounter with what we are versus what we show. It deals in sonic terms with the existential, the ontological and the fallibility of humanity. It begins like this:
A person wakes up, in total darkness. They have no recollection of who they are. where they are, or why they are. through coming to terms with the dark they move forward. There is a metal ladder in front. They climb because there is no other choice. The metal rungs fall away as they climb. There is no going back. The ladder has fallen away. There is only a platform remaining. and a rope. Stretched bold across the blackness. There is no choice other than die at the top, fall to the floor or move on. Walk across the Rope.

What lies beyond the rope. The full version of the album (with all 7 tracks) ROPE WALK Will be due for release soon.
Please contact mail@peterheselton.com for further details.

About Peter Heselton:
Peter Heselton is a Visual and Sound artist based in the north east of England. He has worked extensively in the fields of Art, Exhibition, Curation, Teaching, Project management, and Installation for over 2 decades. He has exhibited extensively and has created both Sound and Visual work for public and private commissions. He has work in many private collections in the UK and in Europe.


Episode 10 (October 10)
Mix It Up Mix! by Sascha Müller

Time to check the previous interviews here:

About Sascha Müller:
Sascha Müller aka Pharmacom started his career in 1990 as a DJ and producer. At the time, he was inspired by Projects like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and Sven Väth's DJ sets. Sascha's music style is a mix between Ambient, Chill out, House and Techno. As a Dj he played in several european locations and events like Love Parade and Thunderdome. At the moment he is also playing as a vj and is involved in multimedia productions with some other global video and graphic artists.


Artist: Sascha Müller
4-track EP: Move My Body
Code: ALRN019

Digital format
Availability: 13th Dec 2010

Artist: Sascha Müller and eVADE
Live: Live @ Electronic Brain
Code: ALRN022/ALRN-LV001

Digital format
Availability: 5th November 2010



Episode 9 (September 10)
Masquerade Circuits by DJ Restless

Ghost House Amphitrite
White Wolves
Enemy of 1
Transparent (Deadly Aliance)
Shattered Realm
These Demons RMX feat. FTMTE and Black Saturn

About DJ Restless:
I started out playing guitar at a young age before getting my first vinyl tables and 2 channel mixer for my 13th birthday. I mainly played guitar in many different metal bands through most of the 1990's. In 2004 I started playing guitar and turntables for Maggot Brain Theory and Wrist of Red. In 2006 I started my solo project Finger Painted Death. An Experimental, Grindcore, Industrial project. During the last 4 years I've picked up new equipment learned new software and began doing some dj remixes. In 2008 I started djing events and gigs like the Underworld @ The Basement Myrtle Beach SC. Represeneted Myrtle Beach SC and more. I started working a myspace page and began to collab and work with others from all over the world. I am also a part of many projects. My most recent Toxic Taboo which i have had the opportunity to work with FluiD and Black Saturn. In 2009 we released our first ep Toxic Taboo (A journey into the depths of Lyrical artistry and Manipulated sound. Are you Taboo???). My taste in music is basic I hat country twang,inspired by Punk, Noise, Industrial, Hip Hop, Metal, (and all those sub-genres) Horror movies my Wife and kids, Life Death and everything in between.

Check out the DJ Restless releases at Chemical Records UK:

Episode 8 (August 10)
Selected RS/RZ Trax 03/04 by LaptopAcidXperience

DirtyAngel 14 (dIRTYvOCAL)
Track001 (AcidLives)
Dirty Angel 14-2

About LaptopAcidXperience:
LaptopAcidXperience (aka LAX aka Roger Armstrong) has been making electronic music since the early 90's when the Rezerection raves in Newcastle and the legendary John Peel introduced him to Acid House and Techno. The DIY mentality of the early Chicago and Detroit pioneers influenced him to produce his own material and ultimately led to film making, after several shorts & music videos he is currently nearing completion of his first feature.


Don't miss the next LaptopAcidXperience release on Alrealon Music:
Deep Water/cREEPYsHEEP (ALRN020 - 4-track EP with remixes by Ghoul and FluiD)

Digital format
Availability: 24th Sept 2010 (pre-release 10th Sept)

You can listen to the 4 tracks via Chemical Records UK

Episode 7 (July 10)
Wholly Ghosts by Aural Resuscitation Unit

About Aural Resuscitation Unit:
Distorted and sick beats mixed with meticulously mangled samples, sent down the voo doo rabbit hole tranced on the hand drums. It's a Positive Noise, It's the Dread Glitch vibe. Aural Resuscitation Unit is stationed in Dubuque,Iowa. Always looking for collaborations, splits, and shows.

Episode 6 (June 10)
Tundra by Ghoul.

FluiD : UnCrtn : Dub
Ghoul + FluiD : Future Step : Dub
Ghoul + FluiD : Dark, Slow : Dub
FluiD : Unjst : Dub
LaptopAcidXperience : Deep Water (Ghoul RMX) : Alrealon Music (ALRN020) [forthcoming]
FluiD : DH1 : Alrealon Music (ALRN015)
Ghoul : Iowa Bass : Alrealon Music (ALRN023) [forthcoming]

About Ghoul:
Ghoul is a producer, DJ, and recording engineer living in Iowa. He writes bass-heavy music and co-runs a monthly club night called Bitcrushed in his native state.
For remixes, info, or booking email: tundradubs@gmail.com


LaptopAcidXperience - Deep Water (Ghoul Remix) by GHOUL

Episode 5 (May 10)
As Constellations Quietly Cross by Connectedness Locus

Connectedness Locus 3.2
The kingdom of perpetual drones and dripping codes, meadandering capillaries of causeways to the graphic, sonic, and written constructs of Tyler Etters.
2008-2010 A.


As Quippolous Codes Quitely Count Live from Endless Field Studios on Vimeo.

When the Paint Peels from Endless Field Studios on Vimeo.

Episode 4 (April 10)
Non Sequitur Metastasis by Zilmrah

Part 1: Funeral March For Dada Having Dad As A Pallbearer
Part 2: Wheel Turns I Spin........
Part 3: Awful Or Wonderful; It Was Painted White
Part 4: Sucked Into A Vacuum & Pried Out With The Jaws Of Life

Eric Black - Guitar, Effects
Dave Tamura - Saxophone, Effects
Big Brother On Acid - Voices, Effects
Lawry Zilmrah - Electronics, Hand Made String and Percussion Instruments, Samplers, Effects, Oscillators

About Zilmrah:
Zilmrah Is a philosophy or musical vision. It encompasses the need to explore as well as to build onto non-existing audio backdrops. It is not bound by the weight of preconceived genres to guide its motives. There is only room for growth with the removal of expectation. Musical Instruments and sound sculptures are designed for the project for perpetual audio motion and also for cultural expansion; the likes of which have been constricted by habit and progressive discipline. This particular project can also be seen as a directive in opposition to musical stability. It uses its own textures and structures to expand its own place in the genre cluttered world. There is a Spiritual force present in this sound but it is the inner freedom of audible creativity that unleashes this feeling . Open sound is and will always be the only motive to continue doing this for me. There are no political, religious, social motives or hidden agendas guiding this project. It is simply spiritual, either constructive or destructive depending on what is being expressed at that particular time. People need to discover for themselves and not be told how to create or how to feel. Aside from sound creation the project has featured the contribution of video artists and experimental dancers. In future installments for live events there will be expanded membership to play some of the new musical instruments; some of which are acoustic percussive, electric and electro-acoustic. I am often looking for innovative artists to collaborate with whether they are musicians, video artists, dancers, instrument builders, poets or performance artists, so if this project seems interesting to you and it connects with your sensibilities and agrees with your aesthetics then feel free to contact me.

Episode 3 (March 10)
Electric Shamen by Black Saturn

Black Saturn returns to the podcaster frequencies as the Electric Shamen. The wordsounds (lyrics) that were the critical elements in his calling things into being are summoned once again as the chanting voices flowing like electricity thru the beat conductors of the Shamen. As we gain momentum whorling into the future in a cosmic backspin. The tubes in the preamp of time are burning hotter in 2010 with everything old being new again. Our retrograde fixations especially the current one with the music of 80's pop culture is headed for a meltdown. In the form of spontaneous creative combustion a new sound will come forward suddenly & unexpected without warning. 2010 marks the beginning of this odyssey. The Electric Shamen represents the spiritual energy of this phenomenon. Black Saturn is the vessel in tune with the Universal System Of Sound aligned in space & time with the vision of the event about to transpire. When it happens remember who predicted it & who was practising the ritual art of calling things into being that are not as tho they already were. Selah!!!!!!!!!

About Black Saturn:
In a infinite world of sound, sound is the companion of our thoughts. Black Saturn is a concept created in this reality. Life is a rhythm in a series of thoughts. The heart is an acoustic drum nothing is new and nothing is old under the pulsating pattern of emotions percussion. The mind is a improviser a drum machine echoing in the reverberation of the subconscious until it becomes a drum pattern in the conscious. The noise of change thought battles to over come as a rhythm. I'm a warrior drum the most feared of all instruments calling things into being that are not as tho they already where.

Black Saturn released - with his friend Chris/subduxtion/FluiD - a full-length album on Alrealon Music called 'Ancient Kingdom' (under the name Black Saturn vs. subduxtion), still available @ Alrealon Music.
You can get the previous Black Saturn releases here:
* Noise from the B-side
* Verse's Of Noise
* Birds In The Morning

Next Black Saturn releases on Alrealon Music:
* Black Saturn vs. subduxtion 'Cosmic Karma' (ALRN10, digital release + 12inch Vinyl)
* Black Saturn 'Ned Jackson Is My Little Brother' (ALRN12, Digital release + Tape release)
Be prepared...

Episode 2 (February 10)
PAS: Thoughts From the Interior

About PAS:
PAS (Post Abortion Stress) started in 1995 out of Brooklyn, NY, USA, driven by the creative talents of Robert L. Pepper working in the mediums of sound and video. Since then PAS has evolved into a collective with many different instrumentations and line ups. Permanent members include Amber Brien, Job “Vomit” Worthley, Michael Durek, and Will Seesar. Guests and occasional collaborators include ZEV!, Steve Beresford, Matt Chilton (Vultures), Anthony Donovan (Vultures), Damien Olsen, Philippe Petit, Robert Pascale, and many others.
PAS have released 6 full length cd’s and have been on several compilations throughout the years. Some of these can be found on www.cdbaby.com or iTunes. PAS have performed in various countries including the United States, Germany (including Fausts Avant Garde Festival 2009), the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Macedonia, and Poland, just to name a few. Sound and video installations have also included Chile and the United States.
PAS (Post Abortion Stress) is a group out to create musical collages through the form of abstract sound. Their name refers metaphorically to those who have been aborted by society, because their point of view doesn’t fit in the constraints of “normal” society. The short name refers to the negative in French, metaphorically negating everything that is established to start from a new beginning. The viewpoint fuels our creativity to create our own world of beauty. Since our inception the band has been interested in making music from the fringes of perception, creating soundscapes that aren’t defined by any particular conventions or viewpoints. The aesthetic underpinnings are defined by the notion that music can be whatever the ear perceives. It’s a conception fueled by the love of life and art. It’s a desire for honest artistic self-expression. The compositions themselves are more akin to soundscapes than “songs” in the traditional sense. There are no clearly defined melodies, no structural landmarks that give you any sense of traditional anchor. This is not music making with any sense of or desire for commercial viability, but sonic sculptures in the mode of pure art.

Episode 1 (January 10)
Original Mix from Etiket 0

1. J'encule le capitalisme (9m28s)
2. Mc akran (5m38s)
3. Human two feat. eddy basse (4m42s)
4. Underground music "i shoot the sheriff" (6m08s)
5. Le monde des passe-partout (5m56s)
6. Freak yo ! (4m08s)

More about Etiket 0:

Collaboration with:

Get his records here:


First Series (2009)

2009 marked the beginning of the Alrealon Artists Podcast Series. The first series was a big success! Many thanks to all the listeners and friends of Alrealon Music. Throughout the year we were treated to a wealth of new and exciting music. The podcasts ranged from live-sets to remixes to new and un-released songs to dj mixes. The series featured Alrealon artists as well as artists associated with Alrealon. I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to all the artists who contributed to the inaugural series. All of this was just the beginning as we plan to out-do ourselves in 2010. We already have the second series planned out!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,


>> Episode 12 (December 09)
Underground-Post-Industrial Music by [DISTOPIA]

Track Nbr-Artist-Cntry-Track Title-Album-Duration
01-Propergol-FR-Swat Police-United States-00:00 - 02:55
02-IRM-SWE-The Disease-Oedipus Dethroned-02:55 - 04:53
03-Gas Masked Lestat-GR-Betrayal-Yvris Nemesis Katharsis-04:53 - 07:02
04-Front Sonore-FR-Sans Relache-Unknown Frequency-07:02 - 08:39
05-Flagra-LAT-Extracts From the Posthumous Philosofical Diary of A Medieval Serial Killer-Cerimonia-08:39 - 10:38
06-This is Now/Death TV-GR-Unscrew the Doors Themselves From Their Jambs!-The Howl (And Other Poems)-10:38 - 12:25
07-Kristus Ku-GER-Lord Of The Crossroads... Open My Soul...-Dadaistic Dances Of Sorrow-12:25 - 14:34
08-Steam Engine of the Meat Machine-IT-Lurking In The Machine-Cold, Organic Machinery-14:34 - 17:20
09-Arkane-GR-Arkane Elitism-Arkane Elitism-17:20 - 20:21
10-Pneumothorax-FR-Roth Ramhach-split with Flagra-20:21 - 23:00
11-Camisole-BE-Trinity On Tritherapy-Trinity On Tritherapy 3-way split-23:00 - 26:07
12-Extrematica-ES-The fog Of Hell-The Call Of The Scythe-26:07 - 29:11
13-TSIDMZ-IT-We March In The Noise (Against The New Global Order)-Something About The Atomic Age-29:11 - 32:00
14-Disciplina Urbana-BR-Nunca Caminhara Sozinha-Non Dvcor Dvco-32:00 - 35:12
15-Nuclear Nation-CY-Entering The Catacombs Of Hell-Civilization Under Threat-35:12 - 38:10
16-Gioventu Suicida Studentesca-IT-Anna Maria Franzoni On Italia1-Lovely Happy Italy-38:10 - 40:55
17-Stuzha-RU-Alone In The Cave-Field Recordings Pt 1-40:55 - 43:54
18-Inferior God-GR-Inferior (The Paths Of An Inferior God Pt1)-And I Smile as I Die-43:54 - 46:10

About our host:
[distopia] = A society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding.
-The project was formed in 2005, inspired by the urban industrial sub-culture, combining both social and religious/occult/sci-fi themes.
-[distopia] released a demo in summer 2006, which was circulated in a very small basis and joined RottingHam net label later in 2006. The first full length named "Non_Entity" was released in Feb 2007, followed by a proposal to take part in a remix compilation for Greek hardcore punk veterans, Antidrasi, and a proposal to participate in a movie score, although that never came to terms. Summer of 2007 gave two more releases, "Timescape" EP and "Research On Human Dementia", a collaboration with Italian noise artist TSIDMZ. In January 2008 Split with Gas Masked Lestat was released by Species Productions in digipack CDr. "The Somnambulist" EP, was released by Format Noise April 2008 and was re-released by Species in slim digipack CDr December 2008. Another release is in the final stages of manipulation, to be released in 2009-2010 by Species, which is a full length album as well as an assortment of all songs composed in late 2006-early 2007 and are still being worked on. It's sound is mostly old-school industrial/dark ambient.
[The project is influenced by life and all that stem from life. My personal thoughts and experience, my personal "itches", my personal opinions and every little thing that stems from all that. Social decay, my beliefs on society, people i'm obliged to communicate with and get along with, my personal views on everything, past and present conflicts and experience. And yes, i'm always discontent. I don't like the world i live in, and that's what keeps me going. I don't say its ok and revel in my ignorance.]

>> Episode 11 (November 09)
Industrial/Avant-Gospel Music from ONO

This Podcast is a live performance recorded in the studio of WHPK radio, however this is NOT the broadcast version, but a live recording captured in the studio by Jesse Thomas, and it is UNCUT featuring a tune-up, sound-check, a bit of "Red House", and finally "Ashley Knight" and "X-Ray".

About our host: ONO is an Industrial/Avant-Gospel band from Chicago IL. founded in 1980. ONO played all over the Chicago and parts of the Midwest till the mid 80's. The Band rehearsed weekly in a finished basement on the South Side near the affluent "PILL HILL" area. ONO shared the space with End Result at their inception July 1980 till they moved to the Mercy Mission. First Show - at the Original EXIT on Wells- On the bill were Special Affect (Frankie Fun & Al Jorgenson) and Naked Raygun (Jeff and Mark-O -Santiago -Camillo and Jim). ONO went on well after midnight after a late Raygun set. Line UP was P. Michael, travis and Marc the audience consisted of members from the 2 other bands and Debra Cadaver Original Line Up: 1980 Hallene Kathy Brooks-Vocals,Percussion and Recitations, travis-Vocals- Dobro/Steel guitar, Bass, Percussion and Keyboards Marc Berrand-Vocals and Guitar P. Michael Grego-Vocals and Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Keyboards Early 1981- travis- Vocals- Dobro /Steel guitar, Bass,Percussion and Keyboards ric Graham-Vocals and Guitar, Bass,Sax-Trumpet and Synthesizer/Computers Shannon Rose Riley -Sax-Bass, Percussion and Keyboards P. Michael Grego-Vocals and Guitar, Bass ,Percussion and Keyboards Later 1981 to Present Day travis- Vocals- Dobro /Steel guitar, Bass,Percussion and Keyboards ric Graham -Vocals and Guitar, Bass ,Sax-Trumpet and Synthesizer/Computers P. Michael Grego -Vocals and Guitar, Bass,Percussion and Keyboards. A pair of albums were released on the THERMIDOR record label out of San Fransisco (1982-"MACHINES THAT KILL PEOPLE" and 1986-"ENNUI")
travis and P.Michael are still involved in live performance as ONO, however ric maintains the sound and visual archives and is retired from live performance.
This current incarnation of ONO features Rebecca Pavlatos on Keyboards & Vocals and Jesse Thomas on Guitar & Trombone.

>> Episode 10 (October 09)
Avant-Garde and Experimental Music from Africa and Asia by C-drik

01. Zafka - My Key Key Song (II) (KwanYin)(China - 2007) 00'00" - 00'50"
02. Divan Japonaise - Into The Sleep (Network 77)(South Africa - 1990) 00'50" - 04'51"
03. I Wayan Sadra - O - A-E-O (Lyrichord)(Indonesia - 1989) 04'51" - 07'47"
04. Dusk - I Shiver (Epidemie Records)(Pakistan - 2006) 07'47" - 08'59"
05. Ilhan Mimaroglu & Freddie Hubbard - The Crowd (Atlantic)(Turkey/USA - 1971) 08'59" - 15'49"
06. Alireza Mashayekhi - Shur, Op.15 (Sub Rosa)(Iran - 1966) 15'49" - 21'37"
07. Dembo/Gama - Mensagem A Luanda Sonic Arts Network)(Angola - 2006 ?) 21'37" - 26'07"
08. Dhul-Qarnayn - Jilwah (Shaytan Productions)(Bahrein - 2008) 26'07" - 27'05"
09. DJ Fish - Zero Crossing (Hardcore Pop)(Taiwan - 2001) 27'05" - 30'41"
10. Drone Lebanon - Self Hating Jew (Topheth Prophet)(Israel - 2008) 30'41" - 33'41"
11. Nepa Ios - Ithrane N Ithige (Syrphe)(Algeria - 2007) 33'41" - 38'11"
12. 10 - Hauruharu (Syrphe)(South Korea/Japan - 2008) 38'11" - 43'06"
13. Mindfuckingboy - Noise D Machine (Syrphe)(Singapore - 2009) 43'06" - 46'06"
14. Li Chin Sung - Give Up (Tzadik)(Hong Kong - 1995) 46'06" - 48'10"
15. Goh Lee Kwang - Coins (Herbal International)(Malaysia - 2008) 48'10" - 48'17"

About our host: C-drik Fermont also known as Kirdec is a musician and producer who runs the label Syrphe, a small structure mostly focused onto African and Asian experimental, electronic and avant-garde. He has worked with many musicians across the world and performed over Europe, North America, North Africa, the Middle-East, Far East and South East Asia. He is also a member of some projects such as Axiome, Crno klank, Tetra plok and tons more, releasing on numerous labels like Ant-Zen, Ad Noiseam, Independenza Recordings, Hushush Disques, Klanggalerie and so on and so forth. He composes sound tracks for theater, movies, short movies and dance companies and has collaborated with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company in China and the Dao Anh Khanh Studio in Vietnam.

>> Episode 9 (September 09)
WHO CARES? if I may ask... by Ph. / Alrealon

A compilation of unreleased/rare/remix songs from Alrealon Artists. The artwork is ugly, the name is crap, but the songs are just what you were looking for.
Ph. / Alrealon

1 - FluiD * Disrupting The Ghost (Unreleased)
2 - John 3:16 vs. mNIPK * Son of The Father (Unreleased)
3 - The Egg plant * Elusive Ways (Heat From a DeadStar remix - Hot Headed Music, 2009)
4 - Black Saturn * DaDa Sound Train (Unreleased)
5 - LaptopAcidXperience * Being Less Than Being (Heat From a DeadStar remix - Hot Headed Music, 2009)
6 - Black Saturn vs. subduxtion * New Day (Unreleased)
7 - LaptopAcidXperience * Overdressed For School (Unreleased)
8 - DJ Phys * Bury Mx Dxxp In Lovx (Unreleased)
9 - Re: dux tion * Black Swans (Heat From a DeadStar remix - Hot Headed Music, 2009)

>> Episode 8 (August 09)
EGGB by The Egg S

The Egg plant stops eating itself the immeadiate asssessment will involve bass programmed to i meadiate visual response on nerve(s) and cell gases.
Alrealon Audiocast mixed by The Egg Plant (Aug 09)
Look out for the mouth_in_foot label coming soon...
Tv E p;;;

>> Episode 7 (July 09)
Can't Go Back by mNIPK

>> Episode 6 (June 09)
Living In Loftus Road by DJ Phys

1 - 8 LR (Moving In)
2 - 10 LR
3 - 12 LR
4 - 14 LR
5 - 20 LR
6 - 24 LR (Italian Nightmarx)
7 - 26 LR
8 - 31 LR (Moving Out)

>> Episode 5 (May 09)
MAY DAY by Black Saturn


>> Episode 4 (April 09)
Do You Remember Stereo by LaptopAcidXperience

Description: One unique 30 min long experimental track from Roger Armstrong.

>> Episode 3 (March 09)
The Sonic Art of Juxtaposition by FluiD

1 - FluiD * DM1 (unreleased)
2 - FluiD * Frail (Okkulth Records)
3 - FluiD * Disassembly of The Self (Alrealon Music)
4 - FluiD * Fragmentation (INTOXIK Ltd.)
5 - FluiD * Hornblas' Lament (Amduscias Records)
6 - FluiD * The Interloper (unreleased)
7 - FluiD * plague Re: dux tion (INTOXIK Ltd.)
8 - FluiD * uNwllng5 (unreleased)
9 - FluiD * The Black Point (unreleased)

>> Episode 2 (February 09)
Near To Salim by John 3:16

1 - John 3:16 * In The Wilderness (from "The Solemn Truth" - ALRN006)
2 - John 3:16 * Whosoever Believeth (from "John 3:16" - ALRN001)
3 - John 3:16 * Knowing God's Will (unreleased)
4 - John 3:16 * The One Who Does Not Believe (from "The Solemn Truth" - ALRN006)
5 - John 3:16 * The Price of Redemption (from "John 3:16" - ALRN001)
6 - John 3:16 * The Kingdom of God (from "The Solemn Truth" - ALRN006)
7 - John 3:16 * Judas (unreleased)

>> Episode 1 (January 09)
The FluiD Reaction of Metalman by Black Saturn vs. subduxtion

1 - subduxtion feat. Black Saturn * Re-organize the Noise (DEXANDTHECITY RECORDS)
2 - Black Saturn vs. subduxtion * Future Noise (BRAINSODOMY RECORDINGS)
3 - Black Saturn vs. subduxtion * Alphabetical Noise (BRAINSODOMY RECORDINGS)
4 - Black Saturn vs. subduxtion * Space Drum 420 (BRAINSODOMY RECORDINGS)
5 - Black Saturn vs. subduxtion * My New Spacesuit (BRAINSODOMY RECORDINGS)
6 - Black Saturn vs. subduxtion * Children of the Noise (Smell The Stench Net-Label)
7 - Black Saturn vs. subduxtion * Computer Drum Theorem (BRAINSODOMY RECORDINGS)
8 - subduxtion feat. Black Saturn * Speak 2 Dem (BRAINSODOMY RECORDINGS)
9 - subduxtion feat. Black Saturn * Rotation (DEXANDTHECITY RECORDS)
10 - subduxtion feat. Black Saturn * A Few Last Words (DEXANDTHECITY RECORDS)
11 - Black Saturn vs. subduxtion * Iron Destiny (Bone Structure)
12 - Black Saturn vs. subduxtion * The Twilight People (unreleased)
13 - Black Saturn vs. subduxtion * Faster Than the Blink of Sound (Ratskin Records)

Alrealon Podcasts Review by Mark / Losing Today
the Alrealon collective have just started posting pod casts - there's been three to date the latest - (newly posted as of today) being a hefty slab of FluiD, not to be confused with the mid 90's Sub Pop combo of the same name or the powerised carnage trio from Germany who graced these very pages sometime last year with the killer 'iots' full length. Instead this variant hails from Chicago - the solo project of Christophe G aka the post human cyborg: subduxtion. pod cast 1 features the apocalyptic future rap of Black Saturn in a face off with subduxtion - absolutely no info on Black Saturn other than the small detail that he hails from Virginia. Anyway its all edgy stuff, intense and bleakly scribed with a doom scarred outlook which we swear once uncovered of its binary squiggles and general austere and off kilter confused communique discordance sounds like Public Enemy relocated to a landscape more befitting a scene from Blade Runner - mind you we swear we have their album kicking about (though typically with these things we can't immediately put our hands to right now) and from what we've heard this should be well up the street of those of you who recall Silver Bullet from a few years back while simultaneous veering territories previously surveyed by Depth Charge. Its witheringly hollowed stuff but well worth checking out. Pod cast 2 features 40 plus minutes of towering transcendental stateliness from the aforementioned John 3:16 - really has to be heard to be believed sounding as it does as like some contact seeking extra terrestrial time capsule shipped in from across the cosmic voids from a long since dead civilisation - absolutely stunning and all at once magnificent, monolithic and majestic. As hinted previously the latest episode - 3 therefore - features FluiD. 'the sonic art of juxtaposition' features a 30 minute showcase of sound which quite frankly can only be best described as some fantastically magnified peak into a insectoid lair, very eerie and at times disturbingly hollowed and dark, the arid ambient cascades, ripples of white noise interference and the achingly slow evolution of the aural textures much reminiscent at times of both Aidan Baker and Soriah yet on the other hand briefly revealing by way of the becoming gloom swept tide daubs suggesting perhaps someone has been tuning into long forgotten 70 Gwen Party cassettes. Whatever the case its consuming stuff best viewed and experienced we feel in the cold harsh light of day preferably with the lights on and with the company of friends.


UK/Ireland Distribution

US/Canada Distribution