Black Saturn

Black Saturn hails from the DMV (District of Columbia/Maryland/Virginia). In 2006, he debuted with his self-released EP, 'Birds in the Morning'. Since that time, his experimental, hip-hop, industrial, noise and dub influenced sound has graced numerous podcasts, collaborations, net labels and radio airwaves.

Black Saturn is also known for his collaborative effort’s with, Chicago based musician Christophe Gilmore (FluiD). Together they are known as Black Saturn vs. subduxtion and have multiple releases available on Alrealon Musique. Their releases received very favorable reviews as well as extensive airplay in North America and Europe. In 2010, the duo did a brief string of performances in the US; culminating in their appearance at Noise Shock: Abstract Art & Music Festival (East Moline,IL).

Black Saturn's recent activities include appearing at the 2011 experi-Mental Festival in Brooklyn, NY, as well as collaborating with New York experimentalists PAS on their Alrealon Musique release, 'Reconstruction' (ALRN023). He also appeared on the critically acclaimed CD from FluiD, 'Envisioning Abstraction: the Duality of FluiD' (ALRN008). Another recent collaboration is with the Netherlands based group, Cold Metal Future. Black Saturn contributed wordsound to the track, 'Walls Inside US, from Cold Metal Future's, 'Palestine' single.

Currently, Black Saturn is slated to release his new album, 'Ned Jackson is My Little Brother' (ALRN030) on February 23, 2012. This is the follow up to his EP, 'Johnson Noise Killed Fletcher Munson' (ALRN012).

Artist: Black Saturn
Album: Ned Jackson Is My Little Brother
Code: ALRN030

Digital release

Artist: Black Saturn
4-track EP: Johnson Noise Killed Fletcher Munson
Code: ALRN012/DSMS026

Digital/CD-R Release (via DSMS)

Artist: V/A
Compil: Tomorrow's Universe
Code: ALRN016/ALRN-NS001

Digital release

Non-Alrealon releases:
- Birds in the Morning 5-track EP (self-released, 2006)
Available @ and iTunes
- Verse's of Noise 6-track EP (Dadaist Audio - Net-label, 2007)
Free download @
- Noise from the B-side 5-track EP (Dadaist Audio - Net-label, 2008)
Free download @

* Black Saturn - Crime Seen (from 'Johnson Noise Killed Fletcher Munson')

* Black Saturn - Motive (from 'Johnson Noise Killed Fletcher Munson')

* Black Saturn vs. subduxtion - Recluse (from 'Cosmic Sorcery')

* Black Saturn vs. subduxtion - A Million Miles Away (from 'Cosmic Sorcery')

* Black Saturn vs. subduxtion - Metal Man Speaks (from 'Cosmic Sorcery')

* Black Saturn vs. subduxtion - Space Walking (from 'Ancient Kingdom' ALRN004)


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