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Blue Sausage Infant

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1. Afflicted by the Wind Disease (5:01)
2. Hosebag (5:05)
3. How to Achieve Somnambulism (3:22)
4. The Moss Takes Over (4:37)
5. Yggdrasil (9:23)
6. Aphid’s Lament (4:58)
7. Sodom is Risen (4:28)
8. Catoctin (7:35)
9. Abdominal Frost (12:14)

Blue Sausage Infant is
Chester Hawkins: synths, oscillators, bass,
lapsteel, rhythm machines, guitar, voice,
wood flute, zither, ukulele, edits,
toys, etc

with guests
Jeff Barsky: guitar (track 8)
Daniel Euphrat: guitar (track 4)
Jason Mullinax: drums, fire extinguisher (track 4, 8)
Jeff Surak: electronics, turntable bacon shortwave (track 3)
Chris Videll: electronics, bells, gongs, beer glass (track 9)

Recorded fall/winter 2011 at Intangible Arts,
Washington DC & The Gamelan, Takoma Park MD.
Mastering by Anders Peterson.
Cover art by Hawkins.
Produced by BSI/Robert L. Pepper (PAS).

Following the long-form kosmische excursions of 2011’s 'Negative Space', Blue Sausage Infant’s
new CD recalls the ruthless energy and shorter attention span of BSI’s cassettes from the 1980s.
'Manitou' is a wild ride: a patchwork of huge analog drones, mutant caffeinated space-punk,
musique concrete, krautrock-style jams, distorted industrial stomp, and deep electronic mind
candy. This collection includes a new remake of the classic BSI track 'The Moss Takes Over'
which first appeared in the 1990 cassette “Infinite Sky.” Guest musicians include members of
Insect Factory, Pilesar, Violet, Tag Cloud, and Timmy Sells His Soul. The result is an
hour-long celebration of reckless improvisation and joyful nightmares.

Copyright 2012 Chester Hawkins/Blue Sausage Infant
Production 2012 PAS and Alrealon Musique