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PAS & HATI present: P.H.A.S.T.I.
The Stages of Sleep - A Metaphor for Torun (PAS010/ALRN026)

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13 Euros
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1. Preparation for the Internal Journey (2:53)
2. Stage 1 - Theta Waves (8:19)
3. Stage 2 - Sleep Spindles (7:30)
4. Stage 3 - Delta Waves (5:24)
5. Stage 4 - Delta Sleep (5:41)
6. Sleepwalking (7:07)
7. Stage 5 - Dreaming (5:52)
8. Stage 6 - Transportation (The Lost Step) (3:59)
9. Final Levels (6:25)

All tracks recorded 'live in studio'
- Amber Brien - bass with effects, percussion
- Will Conner - percussion and found objects
- Robert L. Pepper - keyboards, synthesizers,
processed samples, fishing rod, found objects
- Michael Durek - vintage casio-sk1, theremin, found objects
- Rafal Iwanski: gongs, cymbals, bells, rattles, spring drum, pipe, zanza
- Rafal Kolacki: gongs, bells, rattles, bass drum, ocean drum, flute

Recorded in Studio Sferax, Torun, Poland, April 16, 2010
Acoustic engineer: Bartek Jaworski
Mixed and edited by Will Connor, London, June 2010
Edited by R. Iwanski & R. Kolacki
Mastered by B. Jaworski
Design: Robert L. Pepper

Copyright 2011 PAS, HATI and Alrealon Music

PAS & HATI - Stage 4 (Delta Sleep)

P.H.A.S.T.I. video for "Stage 5 - Dreaming" from PAS Music on Vimeo.

In April of 2010 PAS, Brooklyn based audio/video project traveled to
Torun, Poland to play on the 3rd CoCArt Music Festival organized by
musicians of HATI in cooperation with Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki
Czasu. On April 10th 2010, just before PAS embarked on their journey a
terrible plane crash happened killing 96 people including Poland's
former President Lech Kaczynski. The CoCArt Festival was canceled but
PAS still traveled to Poland. During this time two bands improvised
together in a studio and recorded these 9 tracks and a wonderful
friendship developed between PAS and HATI. These special recordings
are now offered in a limited cd and digital formats but the friendship will
last forever in time.

PAS website:
HATI website:



"What they propose through is an improvisation that incorporates
the concept freely. Listening to it I understand the whole process as
a structuralist event that is produced by merging well thought parts.
The use of many and different percussion along with found objects
creates a sonic pluralism that dominates the recording."
M. Marios / More Mars Team

Read the entire review here: