Alrealon Musique -

FluiD/John 3:16
The Pursuit of Salvation

12-inch Vinyl/Digital
Release date:
March 19, 2012 (vinyl) - May 21, 2012 (digital)

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Art by Trey Crim -

A1. Angels Pt. II
A2. Plague
A3. Forewarning

John 3:16
B1. God Is Light
B2. Toward The Red Sea

'The Pursuit of Salvation' is a split 12" release between Alrealon
Musique artists FluiD and John 3:16 and features 3 new
FluiD tracks and 2 new John 3:16 tracks.

Pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies, 'The Pursuit of Salvation' (ALRN024)
will be available 12.03.19 and for pre-order on 12.02.28. All pre-orders will come
with a poster of the artwork, signed by the artist, Trey Crim.

'The Pursuit of Salvation' (ALRN024) will be preceded by the release of the
'FluiD/John 3:16 - Guardian' single (digital-only) on 12.02.14.

Copyright 2012 FluiD and John 3:16
Production 2012 Alrealon Musique



"...Often when you get your filthy hands upon a split release, you never
quite know how far apart the split world lay. Specially in cases such as
this when it’s first contact to the bands at hand. Both FluiD and John 3:16
could be said to represent a sort of abstract industrial music and while
they share similarities in sound, their souls are worlds apart..."

Kenneth K. / Damned By Light
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"(FluiD)...Angels Pt. II continues Bowie's theme from the movie 'Cat People'. With
the same or similar repetitive sequence, and each time you listen, I expect
you will start to sing "and I've been putting out fire with gasoline".
Plague is a dark, epic theme that will leave you with a tingling feeling,
all over your body. Forewarning is an electronic experiment, which
reminded me of a long forgotten Goldie...

(John 3:16)...During the entire twelve minutes of songs, he introduces us
into a special world. So, 'God is Light' is slowly evolving into explosions
that occur before the end of the song, whilst a choir singing, leads us
'Toward the Red Sea' making a song which is favored and exalted...

This record is definitely not for everyone but anyone who possesses it or
will possess it, will like and appreciate it."

Phil / Terapija
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"...All wait 2012 (?) the impending apocalypse, including FluiD &
John 3:16, referring to 'The Pursuit of Salvation' in general but
probably with a current reference to approach the topic, which they
do briefly (Maxi LP close to 15 minutes of playing time per side).
Making it very compelling with their industrial, trip-hop and dub
styles (FluiD); organic, ambient and noise (including drone)
(John 3:16). It's remarkable the guys in this short-time frame
are able to produce atmospheres that entrain. The structures on
both sides totally put you under a spell, clap your hands in the
end, a formidable soundtrack for a short film that suggests the
end of the world, we probably escaped once more.

Conclusion: FluiD and John 3:16, take on 'The Pursuit of Salvation'
under the banner of "brevity is the soul of wit", reveals
impressively - my absolute recommendation!

Raphael / Kultur Terrorismus
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"... Alrealon Musique continues its' initiative of collaborative
works between its' artists which started with the remarkable
compilation 'Alrealon Musique presents: Tomorrow’s Universe'
(ALRN016). This time, FluiD and John 3:16 dialogue in a
split-EP which echoes the motivating experience of the
digital single 'Guardian'.

Troubling ambient lines carried by a Reznor-like piano,
insistent volutes of guitar, anaemic rhythmic canvases,
combine to produce an aesthetics of the fall, which
thrills the listener. The wings on the cover (a Trey
Crim design) evokes a blazing Icarus, who would only be
saved by burning himself. The titles of the tracks
invoke this same mystical symbolic system, between
angels, god, light and Red Sea, the rare voices being
reduced to vibrating whispers (Forewarning). When the
atmosphere is getting heavier (Plague), the mix focuses
on, with fewer echoes, along with the intrusion of an
emancipating synth.

John 3:16 announces with his two 6-minute-long tracks,
noisy guitars that would evolve in the highest spheres
of Zen. The evolution towards concord appears

Sylvain Nicolino / Obskure Magazine
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